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Informational advertising

Advertise your business and increase your client/customer base while providing a valuable service to your community.
H.K. Simon has been providing informational advertising since 1948 to many satisfied customers.
Get a professionally written informational newspaper column. You add your own photograph, practice name, address and phone number, then place the column in your local newspaper.
Your cost is only $11.50 per column.
See a sample copy of your ad by picking a category at left.
Everybody reads the local paper. Take advantage of this loyal readership to promote your practice to hundreds of potential clients – at a minimal cost to you.

Things I should Know:

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proof it works:

• Experts agree:
"Informational advertising attracts 243% more attention than traditional promotional formats."
The Wall Street Journal
Philip E. Humbert, Ph.D. - Psychologist and Professional Coach, Resources for Success!

• On a list of " The Top 10 Ways to Market your Business or Professional Practice WITHOUT Networking!":
#1 - Have a Newsletter
#2 - Articles and columns.  … a column brings instant credibility and positive exposure."
• Here's what customers are saying:
" Very satisfied. I strongly recommend the column. People look forward to it each week."
" My town loves the column"
" I'm getting a lot of good feedback – keep the new ideas coming – it's what makes your column unique."
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