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How to Start

Reserve your column today! and protect your exclusivity .
Instructions on how to get started with your own newspaper column
• Order your columns, using the order form.  Be sure to provide the name of the local newspaper you plan to use.  The reason for naming the local paper is because of our exclusivity policy; we must check to make sure that the territory is available. We suggest you act promptly to avoid any disappointment that the area is previously taken.
• Speak to the Advertising Manager of your local paper and advise that you are going to be a new advertiser.  Go over the cost, size, type style, photo, logo and placement (see sample sizes and layout hints for ideas). You want to ask for the lowest "retail" or "classified" rate whichever is lowest. You should also ask for maximum frequency discount particularly because you will be running this on a weekly schedule (which is what we recommend), but don't get the rate charged to National Advertisers.
• Continue to run your column. As long as you run the columns you will be protected with exclusivity in your area for your specialty.
Remember this is a cumulative effect and the longer you run them the more recognition, prestige and patients you will attract.
• You will receive your columns prior to the start of each quarter.  Quarterly packages contain material for use beginning with the first week of  January, April, July and October. They are mailed to reach you by the middle of the month which proceeds the beginning of each quarter.
• Columns are dated for your immediate use.
• Fill in your byline at the top, and your name and address near the bottom when the columns arrive.
• Give the columns to your newspaper with instructions.
• You may wish to expand a column. Our policy of sending the column copy to you is designed to give you this opportunity before you send it on to your newspaper.  If you find a column you can't use for some reason, let us know so we can send a replacement.
We never ask for a contract -
you may cancel at any time
Instructions to your local newspaper
• Each ad is dated to show which week it should run.
• The client may, at his/her option, supply photo or drawing of themselves. Reduce to approximately 3⁄4" wide, and position as shown on our samples.
• Bill client at lowest LOCAL rate. We do not expect agency commission.

Things I should Know:

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proof it works:

• Experts agree:
" Informational advertising attracts 243% more attention than traditional promotional formats"
The Wall Street Journal
Philip E. Humbert, Ph.D. - Psychologist and Professional Coach, Resources for Success!
• On a list of " The Top 10 Ways to Market your Business or Professional Practice WITHOUT Networking!":
#1 - Have a Newsletter
#2 - Articles and columns.  … a column brings instant credibility and positive exposure."
• Here's what customers are saying:
" Very satisfied. I strongly recommend the column. People look forward to it each week."
" My town loves the column"
" I'm getting a lot of good feedback – keep the new ideas coming – it's what makes your column unique."
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I will tell you what I heard someone say once.

"I'm all in favor of keeping dangerous weapons out of the hands of fools. Let's start with typewriters."
- Frank Lloyd Wright (1868-1959)