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Frequently Asked Questions

What is informational advertising?
It is an advertisement for your business that provides useful information to the community in your local newspaper. Samples.
Why use informational advertising?
As your columns are viewed week after week, people will remember your ads. Everybody reads the local paper. Take advantage of this locked in, loyal readership to promote your practice to hundreds of potential patients – at minimal cost.
When it's time to choose someone in your profession, they'll come to you because they'll feel they know you and believe in you.  You're no longer just another professional. To the Public, you're a trusted friend. Using this type of advertising will help you gain recognition, attract new patients, and reach your local market.
How does it work?
You order your columns. We guarantee exclusivity in your area. We send you 13 columns per quarter. Give them to your local newspaper. The newspaper will insert your picture and closing signature. Every week, you'll be in print with a fresh column.  For more details, click here.
What does the "exclusivity" mean?
The client has exclusivity for the circulation coverage of the selected newspaper in the chosen profession. Usually this means for a certain town, but the circulation area is the determining factor. Queue, Inc. will check to be sure you have exclusivity for your area and profession prior to confirming your order.
What is the Cost?
$11.50 per week for the professionally written columns plus the cost of ad space. This ranges from about $50.00 to $150.00 per week depending on the advertising space, newspaper circulation, and your budget.

How often should I run my column?
We recommend running it weekly. This ensures that readers will get to know you, as they will see you on a weekly basis. Soon they will expect your column to be there.
Do you require a contract?
No, we learned a long time ago, that professionals don't need yet another binding contract in their lives. You can cancel at any time, for any reason. You may cancel via e-mail or call us at (800) 232-2224. But remember, only one business in your profession and community is licensed to use this material. If you cancel, your competition will probably snatch the opportunity up!.

What is the size of the column?
They can be a variety of sizes, for example you could have it 1 column wide by 7 inches in length (this would include your picture).  This is not a limit – only a suggestion. 
Who sets it up with the newspaper?
You do.  We send you the columns on regular typed sheets of paper and the newspaper does the layout the way you want it to be. 
How often do we get the columns?
Queue, Inc. will ship you 13 columns quarterly. Quarterly packages will contain material for use beginning with the first week of January, April, July and October. They are mailed to reach you by the middle of the month which precedes the beginning of each quarter.

When will I be billed?

Are there questions we haven't answered?
E-mail us and we'll answer get you the answer.

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proof it works:

• Experts agree:
" Informational advertising attracts 243% more attention than traditional promotional formats"
The Wall Street Journal
Philip E. Humbert, Ph.D. - Psychologist and Professional Coach, Resources for Success!
• On a list of " The Top 10 Ways to Market your Business or Professional Practice WITHOUT Networking!":
#1 - Have a Newsletter
#2 - Articles and columns.  … a column brings instant credibility and positive exposure."
• Here's what customers are saying:
" Very satisfied. I strongly recommend the column. People look forward to it each week."
" My town loves the column"
" I'm getting a lot of good feedback – keep the new ideas coming – it's what makes your column unique."
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